So you’d like to join the Telfordaires? Good choice!

Your first step is to come along and visit a rehearsal. We'll invite you to participate in the warm-up and a variety of our other musical activities so you can see how you get on. You'll also get the chance to watch some portions of the rehearsal so you can see how it looks from the outside. If you don't yet know which voice part is likely to suit you best, the Music Team will help you figure it out - you can always change your mind later as you get more familiar with the style.

You can become a member of the club immediately, and your subscription will entitle you to attend rehearsals and have access to our music and supporting learning materials. To become part of the performing chorus, you will need to pass an audition. We'll give you information about this on joining, and support you through the process - we'd usually expect people to be ready in 3-6 weeks. All new members are assigned a buddy to mentor them through their first few months.

All club members are welcome at rehearsal night, and will be invited to join in as many of the activities as they are prepared for. To maintain membership in the performing chorus, though, entails a commitment to attend regularly and keep up-to-date with the repertoire and skills we are working on week-to-week. This policy allows us both to remain accessible and to aspire to ever-improving standards of performance. 
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